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Wants to eat delicious food, wants to become beautiful , wants to be dressed up Most woman has these wish... However , it cannot live a comfortable life if your body is not healthy . Salon Kotton think your health the first without being confused in current fashion. Provide the place that we are not tense and can talk willingly with anyone regardless of age, think about the surgical operation method for individually, want to think your health together. And I think about " the beauty " together that is the everlasting theme of the woman ,I can help that you can shine beautifully . Visitor/student can learn a self-care technology and a care technology of the specialized study at the school .

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Salon / Office Information

Salon Name Salon Kotton
Chief of Salon Kotoe Oda
Address/Place Hitoshi-cho 1-5-8, Tomakomai-shi, Hokkaido, Japan
Call TEL : 090-2816-9900 / FAX : 0144-74-2136
Salon contents Eyelash Extension Training / Lymph Massage / Body Jewelry / 3D Body Jewel
Qualification NPO Lymph Health Leaming Director / Instructor
Kotton Eyelash School Instructor
ULYSSES 3D Body Jewel Artist
Viewel Association Artist

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