Kotton Lymph Massage

〜Kotton Style〜

The lymph has two functions mainly. A waste material or the fat which were not required to a body "a function to excrete". "A function to protect a body from a disease of immunity." When this function does not act well, a problem occurs. Cannot sleep, and slack cools off swelling, stiff shoulder, a headache, obesity; cellulite stress etc..These cause the trouble of the woman. Our massage is using creame, it has warming skin and loosening muscle. Then a painlessness allowance therapy promoting circulation of lymph and the blood slowly There is the combustion relaxation effect of a cellulite and the fat, too.

Association of Lymph Health Fukyu / Instructor And Director
Kotoe Oda (小田 好友衣)


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Face(including Head massage 50 min) JPY 3,600 JPY 3,000
Upper half(60 min) JPY 5,250 JPY 4,200
Lower half(60 min) JPY 5,250 JPY 4,200
Full body(Non Face 120 min) JPY 8,400 JPY 6,800
Full Body(including Face 150 min) JPY 10,500 JPY 8,400
Parts(Ask 30 min - 60 min) JPY 4,200 JPY 3,500

The price is including tax.


※ Ask, You can select any manu and price for your condition.
※ You can select which are "creame massage" or keep your wear.
※ The member price is for membership of our Lymph association

Salon Kotton is able to manage for lymph massage school and training.