Kotton Body Jewelry

〜Body Jewelry〜

It is the body surgical operation method to paint with the diamond powder of various colors using conspiracy (adhesive) for exclusive use of skin developed for bodies. The feature is that I shine shiningly without hurting skin unlike general tattoo. Because this shine the refined brightness that it is very gorgeous, and is beautiful, even the wedding scenes are taken.

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Paint a favorite design from one point to LL size.
I paint it an arm and a back around decollete. Please use it in the special scene including the wedding.



One point(3.5 x 5cm)

Size S(7.5 x 5cm)

Size M (3.5 x 10cm)

Size L (15 x 10cm)

Ask over size LL

Decollte(include Wing stamp) ¥15,000〜

arm〜decollte collaboration

(include Wing stamp) ¥25,000〜

back〜decollete and arm collaboration
(include Wing stamp) ¥25,000〜


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