Kotton 3D Body Jewel

〜3D Body Jewel〜

First in the world! Start the [ULYSSES 3D BodyJewel]. The special sheet [TK sheet]. it is able to put on skin directry or put on any interior

Have ISO10993 (Biological Evaluation of Medical Devices)

over 200 original design

Salon Kotton create the ULYSSIS 3D Body Jewel

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all stone are made by Swarovski. The collection is most sparkling under spot light.
The collection has many type design. Childish, adult and funky. You can select your own style on 200 designs.
Any type of Dance, Golf, Darts etc... It can use juwelry in sport.
We support your original design. Try to create one of world for you.


2014/05/01 Legend Kasai (Olympic Ski Medalist) used Japan flag BodyJewel created by Kotton on his parade.

It show on TV news program for all Japan.

2014/04/12 Artist MIKAI(vocal) was using original design bodyjewel.

Ordered original design by MIKAI, it used on her LIVE in MINAMIAOYAMA-MANDARA studio. We opend small shop for Bodyjewel in the live, it was soled out!!! Many thanks to MIKAI and her staff

MIKAI's HP and Blog
※The site show our bodyjewel

2014/04 Open Salon Kotton Net Shopping

The shop has 3D bodyjewel and any healthcare goods saled by Salon Kotton. Currentry the contents was so small, will be upload any goods!
Link =>> Net Shopping

2014/02 3D BodyJewel gone to Sochi, created by Salon-Kotton.

The Japan Flag BodyJewel created by Salon-Kotton will use the Japan supporter of Sochi orympic! The Flag type sale on Basic collection
If you need contact me, please click the link Contact/Ask me
(Type A 4x3cm) 1080JPY / (Type B 3x2cm) 864JPY for pease (inc Tax,)
※All stone on the sheet use Swarovski

2014.01.09 OPEN Bridal Collection Photo Album

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